Ways to donate!

As I mentioned, Breeze and Zephyr’s first adventure will raise funds for The L Project as a way for me to “give back” to the group who has inspired me to start my own project here.  I look forward to learning more from them as they create more ways to get involved.

We will be leaving Lebanon, Ohio for Greenville, SC on July 7th and once there we will have a few local trips, then return on July 13th.  As long as I have internet, I will be posting on this blog as to how many miles we covered, photos, and any other information each day.  My best estimates are that we will cover between 1,000 and 1,200 miles for the trip.

Ways to donate:

You can sponsor Breeze (the bear) or Zephyr (the cat), or both, with a one-time donation or per mile we ride. Obviously if you do the “per mile” way, you will need to wait until the kickstand is back down in my garage on the 13th.  I will post a TOTAL MILEAGE page on here sometime over the weekend, once I have recovered, lol.

If you are local and want to do cash, check or money order, I’ll send you my address.  Message me on Facebook (if we are friends there), send an e-mail to krwtaz@yahoo.com if you want to do that.  OR you can use send your donation to my PayPal account by using the button below.  Either way, please make your pledge as comment on this page so everyone can have the fun of watching how much competition Breeze and Zephyr have for the adventure!  (who will win?)

Thank you in advance to everyone who participates.  Every penny raised goes towards anti-bullying and hopefully saves a kid’s life!