Hi, this is Krista and I want to welcome you to The Adventures of Breeze and Zephyr.  Breeze and Zephyr are Project Bears (although Zephyr is a cat) from The L Project, an anti-bullying campaign from England.  Here is the story,,,,, through a series of events related to The L Project, I have decided to do something to help prevent teen suicide due to bullying.  I have been in the Fire Service for 26 years and have seen the horrible results of teen suicide.  I never again want to cut another kid down from a noose.  While my focus will be to work with LGBT kids (look it up if you don’t know what that means) I want to help any kid that is being bullied.  And I have some really great people who have already pledged their help and support to work with me!

By “adopting” my new kids Breeze and Zephyr, I helped The L Project support two very important programs in England.  In July of 2012, I will be asking my friends and family to help me as I take the kids on their first adventure here in the States.  We will be taking a 1,000+mile motorcycle trip and asking everyone to sponsor one or both of the kids for at least a penny per mile while we are on our trip.  Do the math folks,,,,1,000 times one penny,,,$10.00.   Now, its possible that I will ride 1,200 miles if we take a lot of back roads but $12.00 isn’t a big dent in anyone’s budget.  Any donation is welcome but how fun will it be to wager a penny, nickle, dime, quarter, etc. for each mile Breeze and Zephyr (and my backside) will ride?

It is impossible for me to thank The L Project enough for the inspiration they have given me.  I think God speaks to us in many different ways and I firmly believe He used one woman in particular to speak to my heart.  So I am stepping out onto a huge pile of faith and setting out to do whatever I can to prevent bullying and if I save at least one kid’s life, it will be worth my efforts.  In order to give back to The L Project, I will donate whatever I collect so they can continue their great work.  And in turn, I am in constant contact with them and they will help me as I get my project started here in Ohio.

Please check out The L Project at http://www.TheL-Project.com to learn more about them.  I will keep you informed as to what I am doing locally and hopefully you can join me as we grow.

Standby for more on The Adventures of Breeze and Zephyr as they are about to have a really cool summer!  Oh and one more thing, if you didn’t notice, their names are gentle forms of the wind, something anyone who rides a motorcycle, or drives a rag-top enjoys!


3 comments on “About

  1. Laurie says:

    I would love to support this ride!! Is there a list of cities and states you are driving through?? If you are going to be stopping in Jacksonville, Florida, I would love to help set up a fund raising event for the L project and provide a place you can stop and rest and chow down!! Please let me know if we can help out!!!


    • Laure, I sent you an e-mail with a suggestion. We are only riding as far south as Greenville, SC and due to time constraints, have to return on schedule. Thank you so much for the offer and have a look at the e-mail. I think we can do something to help The L Project based on your offer!

  2. Hesch Aut says:

    Such an awesome idea, Krista! Have a successfull (and most of all: safe!) ride! And do not forget to keep us updated with posts and pics on your way.

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