We made it to Tennessee!

The trip started early this morning and on the way to the rendezvous point we found some other bikes to ride with.  We were almost there and had a bit of an incident.  As we passed two box trucks, one driver decided to launch a bottle of water out of his window at the bikes.  It missed the one in front of us but hit our right side mirror, shattering it.  Mom was not pleased. The nice men on the other bikes made sure we were OK, then we continued onto our destinations.

We soon met up with the other women we are making the trip with and got on our way.  In 98 degree heat, we put 318 miles under the wheels today.  Taking the back roads through Kentucky we were able to make good time and are halfway to our destination of Greenville, South Carolina.  Along the way we stopped at a scenic rest area, overlooking the Cumberland River.  The water below looked so inviting but it was too far away to stick our feet in.  So we are in Tennessee, cooling down, and getting ready for supper.  I think everyone will sleep well tonight!


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