We are finally home!

Our last visit to a tourist destination was on Friday.  We stopped at the Cumberland Gap and enjoyed the beautiful scenery from the mountain top.  We started riding in a rain storm but the sun came out as we headed north and allowed us to enjoy the last half of the ride.

So we are home now and this adventure is complete.  Despite the rain, we were able to see some great places and had a great time!  Our total mileage is,,,,drum roll please,,,,,,,,,1,336 miles!

For those of you who pledged per mile, you can use Paypal  or send me an e-mail at krwtaz@yahoo.com for my address if you want to send a check or money order.  Go to the Archives on the blog, select June and scroll down to “ways to donate” and you will find the Paypal link.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this fundraiser!  Together we are working towards putting an end to bullying!


Another adventure!

We logged another 213 miles today as we travelled to Maggie Valley, NC and the Wheels Through Time Museum.  What an incredible place!  Vintage motorcycles, cars, and even an airplane.  But was raining so hard Breeze and Zephyr had to stay in the warm and dry trunk.  But. there are witnesses who saw them there so we are including today’s mileage.

A quiet day.

Today’s weather kept us off the road so we were not happy.  But tomorrow we will be on the road to visit a really cool museum.  Hopefully we will have some photos to share!

Today we visited Georgia!

We added another 159 miles to our adventure by visiting Toccoa Falls, Georgia.  Toccoa was made famous by the Band of Brothers series as the place where the Airborne Infantry trained.  But we didn’t get to go to Currahea Mountain due to one of our riders being ill. But she is well now and we will take off on another adventure tomorrow!

Now we’re in Greenville, South Carolina, our destination point!

We added another 163 miles to the trip today for a total of 481 so far!  We hit a detour which sent us onto more of the beautiful twisting roads we love to ride on!  It is still hot, 98 degrees F when we pulled into the hotel but again, we have a nice cool room.

We are in Greenville for the Women On Wheels annual Ride-in.  WOW is an international group for women who ride motorcycles and each state has different chapters.  Each year a chapter hosts the Ride-in and people travel from all over the country to attend.  Some need two days for travel, others need a week, but we all come together to enjoy the local scenery and the company of other female riders.

If the rain hold off this week, we have a couple of very nice rides planned which should add to our total mileage and raise more money!  Keep watching for updates!

We made it to Tennessee!

The trip started early this morning and on the way to the rendezvous point we found some other bikes to ride with.  We were almost there and had a bit of an incident.  As we passed two box trucks, one driver decided to launch a bottle of water out of his window at the bikes.  It missed the one in front of us but hit our right side mirror, shattering it.  Mom was not pleased. The nice men on the other bikes made sure we were OK, then we continued onto our destinations.

We soon met up with the other women we are making the trip with and got on our way.  In 98 degree heat, we put 318 miles under the wheels today.  Taking the back roads through Kentucky we were able to make good time and are halfway to our destination of Greenville, South Carolina.  Along the way we stopped at a scenic rest area, overlooking the Cumberland River.  The water below looked so inviting but it was too far away to stick our feet in.  So we are in Tennessee, cooling down, and getting ready for supper.  I think everyone will sleep well tonight!